While active, this was what we were about. The same values and goals are represented in the ongoing education that will occur in our local schools through the Prescriptions for Life Fund to End Prescription Pain Medication Abuse.

We are a nonprofit organization committed to the elimination of pain medication abuse in our community and to providing prescription pain medication monitoring and treatment options.

Vision Statement

We are committed to implementing a plan that will assist in the elimination or reduction of the abuse of pain medication in our community. We strive to promote and preserve the safety of our community.

We recognize that to be successful we must involve our citizens including educators, medical providers, pharmacists and law enforcement officers. As other individuals or organizations are discovered who can positively impact this task, we shall be diligent to bring them aboard in our endeavor.

Through education, awareness and working together to establish treatment options, we shall provide our community with guidance to move toward greater health and happiness.

We understand that this task shall take time, effort and cooperation but we are well aware that a serious problem exists and we must battle to defeat it.

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